100% Wool Blankets

100 Percent Wool Blankets

There’s few things nicer on a cold day than a warm blanket. Wrapping yourself up on the couch to watch Netflix just wouldn’t be the same without a good blanket, and when the frost really moves in it’s nice to have an extra layer on the bed. Wool has been used to keep people warm for hundreds of years, and even today, with competition from space age materials, wool is still a strong contender.

The Power of Wool

The secret to wool’s power is that it was engineered by mother nature herself to keep sheep warm, and it works just as well on people. Wool is lightweight and comfortable, and with 100 percent wool blankets you’re sure to be getting nothing but. Another advantage of wool is that it dries easily compared to, say, a polyester blanket. This is particularly helpful in the winter months, when drying your washing takes a little bit longer and you could really use that blanket back on your bed by the evening.

Special Care

Wool requires a bit more care than most fabrics to get it to last. It’s prone to shrinking in the wash and at risk from moths. When cleaning it, you need to take special care as it can weaken when wet. It’s also vulnerable to bleach and perspiration, and can absorb body odours, so don’t hide under there when the sun is out.

A Hundred Different Patterns

Wool takes dye well, which is one of the reasons it’s historically been so popular. That also means you can get a 100 percent wool blanket in all sorts of colours and patterns, such as checked wool blankets and striped wool blankets.

Buying Locally

Lastly, Australia produces a lot of wool! That means buying Australian wool blankets is a great way to support Australian sheep farmers.