1080p Home Theatre Projectors

Movie nights can be a lot more fun with home theatre projectors. Compact and easy to use, these devices create excellent visual experiences in rooms of different size. The 1080p home theatre projectors can even be used for office presentations or at a party for additional visual effects. Projected onto a wall or a specialised projector screen, the imagery created by these devices has a lot of potential.

Video Projector Types

There are two main type of home theatre projectors to choose from, the short-throw and the long-throw projector. The main difference between them is the distance at which they operate. Short-throw projects will work better in a wide-room where the projector has to be placed closer to the projecting surface. Long-throw projectors create a more theatre-like experience by generating a focused beam of light, which is ideal for long rooms where the projector is at one end and the screen on another,

Projector Technology

Though the HDMI port is intended for higher resolutions, you will be able to find many HDMI 1080p home theatre projectors. Most of them will also support VGA input, as this port performance still matches the maximal potential of the 1080p projector. Standard, or commonly known LCD 1080p home theatre projectors are widely available and more affordable. These models are usually short-throw projectors with a lamp life raging between 2000 and 5000 hours. Longer lamp-life, higher contrast and more vivid colours is offered by the LED 1080p home theatre projectors. LED lamps last up to 20000 hours, however, these projectors come at a higher price. LED is widely used in pico projectors, so if you are looking for a small portable design, look for an LED model.

Projector Screens

To make sure you get the most out of your 1080p home video projector, pair it with a nice projector screen. Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor-raised and ceiling-recessed are the four main electric projector screen types available. You can also choose manual models with similar mechanisms as well as simple models such as tripods and tabletop designs which are quite mobile. A tripod might be the lowest-price projector screen available but its mobility is what makes it an attractive option. Since the projector and the tripod are both mobile, combining them allows maximum flexibility. Of course, a mounted design with a tensioned screen will create better viewing conditions, so it's up to the user to determine what is more important.