1080p HD Video Recording Camera Drones

1080p HD Video Recording Camera Drones

The camera drone is one of the most popular items of the moment. A camera drone, or quadcopter, allows you to capture images from high in the sky, giving you a top-down view and access to incredible photo and video opportunities. Many drones can be flown using your smartphone as a remote, making them a highly versatile and portable tool for amateur and professional photographers alike.

High-Quality Video

Content producers demand high-quality results, and camera drones offer a range of resolution options including 720p HD video camera drones and 4k HD video camera drones to suit different preferences and budgets. Budget drones will generally have a resolution of 720p, whilst premium drones will have a resolution of 4k, which provides sharp, still pictures and crystal clear video. Many premium drones also incorporate advanced technology such as optical image stabilisation, which will reduce the shake and make the video smooth. Because drones allow you to get a birds-eye view, you can capture amazing videos with good depth of field.

Flight Time

The flight time varies between different makes and models, and you can generally expect between 10 and 30 minutes of airtime. This can be extended by purchasing from a wide range of accessories, including spare batteries, power banks and chargers. Drones can also be charged using the included AC power cable.

To Suit All Budgets

You don’t have to be rich to own a drone, there are budget options available which allow you to get acquainted with the controls and experience how they handle. Many drones can be upgraded over time, which means you can swap and replace parts as necessary. Some popular upgrade options include new cameras, return home GPS feature, gimbal stabilisation, first-person view and even aesthetic modifications such as removable stickers.

Tech Specs

A quality camera drone or quadcopter is a sophisticated piece of technology . When purchasing, you should look for something that meets your needs. Keep an eye out for advanced features such as optical image stabilisation, quick launch, hand gesture support, quick share technology as well as intelligent flight mode, QuickShots, TapFly and long range distance. These features will assist in creating and sharing your videos with ease.