120 Slide Photography Film

120 Slide Photography Film

Most photographers or aspiring photographers usually turn to DSLRs or point-and-shoot cameras. However, there is still a huge audience for slide films, an almost lost art in today’s pixel-perfect obsessed society. The surprising part about slide films is that the interest in this medium is still widespread, to the point where several huge companies are still mass producing 120 slide colour camera films today.

Slide Film 101

A slide film is not the kind of film that we were used to in the 90’s, nor is it the type we were used to in the 80’s. Slide films were more popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Instead of getting negatives that can be developed in dark rooms, the slide film photographer will instead receive what is called a positive. Basically, when you use a slide film, you will see the colours immediately. It is unlike a negative, where you only see shades of white on a black background.

Developing Slide Films

When developing slide films, there is little difference in the process used to develop black and white negatives. The process for developing slide films is called E6 processing, which consists of six baths in fixer, stop and developer. That is as far as the similarities go. The next step is using bleach, anti-fungal agents and another developer bath.

Slide Film Size

The common size for slide films is 120mm. The ones used for negatives are 35mm. The difference is not small because the size of the positive is what allows you to take advantage of the slide film’s photo capabilities. For example, 120 print photography films do not require you to order prints to see the final image. You can already see it yourself.

Other Advantages

Many photographers who use slide film are impressed with the outcome of their shots. That is because what you shoot is what you see. If you use 120 slide, 100 ISO photography film, you can expect better clarity, colour, and lines. The slide film also lasts longer than negatives and can be stored without having to worry about sticking together.