13 hp Engine Motors

13 HP Engines And Motors

If you have some sort of mechanical tools or toys, there is a fairly good chance that you will have to replace a motor one day. Whether you do it yourself or decide to take your machine to a mechanic to get the work done depends on what sort of experience you have. If you are relatively inexperienced as far as mechanics go, but want to have a go at changing your motors, the following should get you started.

What Sort of Engines Are Out There?

From lawn mower engines to go kart engines, small motors come in a range of shapes and sizes. In theory, you could even consider many outboard boat motors to be small motors. Some of the most popular engines for small vehicles or tools include:

  • Outboard motors - for use on boats and other water vessels, outboard motors have a distinctive shape that allows for the attachment of a propeller to the base of the motor.
  • Lawn mower motors - along with other small farm and agriculture motors, lawn mower motors are extremely common, and can be for anything from powering your lawn mower to running a water pump or a go kart.
  • Generators - although not technically a motor, a generator burns petrol or diesel to generate electricity, and is very similar to a small motor.

You also need to think about petrol vs. diesel motors, and how big you want your motor to be.

What Sort of Engine Do You Need?

Deciding on the right engine for your needs can be difficult, especially if you arent particularly mechanically minded. If you are replacing an existing small motor, consider the following points:

  • How big is the motor you are replacing, and do you want the new motor to be the same size?
  • Was your old motor petrol or diesel?
  • What special fittings or parts are you going to need to attach your new motor to your vehicle or tool?
  • Will your new motor be compatible with parts from your old motor? If it is, you can save yourself a lot of money on breakdowns in the future.

If you are choosing a brand new pump or go kart motor for a new use, then consider the above points as well, but also consider how suitable the new motor you are looking at is for the things you are going to use it for.