Immerse Yourself in a High-Quality Picture Display With 144 Hz Monitors

One of the main determinants of the picture quality of a monitor is that monitor's refresh rate. 144 Hz high refresh rate monitors not only provide a visually appealing picture quality but also offer a smooth and crisp display for all who are watching. eBay has many affordable 144 Hz monitors for sale to suit your viewing needs.

Buying used 144 Hz monitors on eBay

The main advantage of buying a used 144 Hz monitor on eBay is that you can potentially save hundreds of dollars by doing so. Always ensure that the monitor is in good condition.

Which brands of 144 Hz monitors are for sale on eBay?

Here are some of the most prominent brands or companies whose 144 Hz monitors can be found for sale on eBay and some of the prominent models coming from each brand:

  • LG: Models from LG include the LG 32GK650G-B 32-inch 2560 by 1440 QHD 144Hz gaming monitor with G-Sync.
  • Viotek: Viotek models like the Viotek GN27CB 27-inch 144 Hz curved gaming monitor and the Viotek GNV30CB 30-inch curved gaming monitor are options.
  • Dell: Monitors from Dell like the Dell 27-inch S2716DGR gaming G-Sync monitor are commonly found.
  • Acer: Some models include the Acer KG1 23.6-inch LCD monitor, the Acer Predator XB271H 27-inch G-Sync HD LCD gaming monitor, and the Acer Nitro VG1 27-inch LED widescreen LCD monitor.
  • HP: You can find HP monitors for sale, like the HP OMEN 25 Z7Y57A9 black 24.5-inch monitor.
  • Samsung: Samsung models include the Samsung S27R750 27-inch SR75 Space WQHD LED 144 Hz monitor and the Samsung CFG73 27-inch curved Quantium Dod 144 Hz monitor.
  • Asus: Asus monitors like the ASUS VG279Q 27-inch widescreen IPS LCD Monitor and the ASUS VG VG248QE 24-inch widescreen LED LCD monitor with built-in speakers are choices.
144 Hz monitors and gaming

Many of the eBay listings specifically mention 14 4Hz monitors that are either useful for or specifically meant for gaming. The defining feature of every 144 Hz monitor is the fact that it refreshes its display 144 times per second. This high refresh translates into an ability to handle high-frame-rate video games and display game visuals in a smoother, cleaner, and more appealing way. This is especially true for PC games. Thus, a high refresh rate monitor is apt to generate a visually immersive gameplay experience. Curved monitors will only enhance this further.