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Buying a Trampoline

Thinking of buying a trampoline? Outdoor trampolines can provide hours of entertainment to kids of all ages - and adults too! When buying a trampoline, size and safety are usually the most important things to think about. There are smaller 8ft trampolines all the way up to larger 16ft trampolines. If larger is better, a 16ft trampoline may be the best option. It can provide plenty of space for play, especially when adding additional features, such as a basketball hoop. When buying a larger trampoline though, be sure there is sufficient space for it to be set up safely.

Setting up a Trampoline

When it comes to trampoline safety, first check that the trampoline meets current safety standards. That means having a safety net around the sides, reaching the correct height, with an access door that closes securely. It also means making sure the springs are fully covered with matting. When buying trampolines used, make sure it has been well maintained, and is still in good condition for safe use.

Ensuring a trampoline is safe also means having the correct placement. It's recommended that a trampoline is not placed on hard surfaces, such as concrete. For optimal safe usage, a trampoline should be placed on a softer, level surface, such as grass - as long as it's not so soft that the trampoline sinks. It's also a good idea to place the trampoline away from swimming pools and ponds, and to ensure there is sufficient space above and around the trampoline. Think about whether the trampoline is within sight of the house for easier supervision, and avoid exposed positions. While that trampoline may be heavy, the safety net can act as a sail in high winds, toppling it or causing damage to other items in the backyard.

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