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Have Fun With 1920's Headbands for Women

Are you getting ready to celebrate The Great Gatsby? Prepping for a 1920s themed party? Dressing up for the races? Also called bandeaus, 1920s headbands what generally worn during the night, while cloche hats were worn during the daytime. Flappers were best known for wearing headbands that were jewelled and decorated with feathers. A more simple style was a scarf that was tied around the head.

Whether you're after a scarf or a bandeau with all the trimmings, or perhaps you’re searching for another 1920s style headpiece, you'll find it right here on eBay for a great price.

Styles of 1920's headbands for women

The 1920s had exceptional headband styles for women - they were trendy and hip back in the day – and still are today. There are several ways to wear them:

Wrap: This style is not only simple but elegant as well. It usually has a continuous strand of rhinestones, lace, pearls and other decorations to give it grace and make it a beautiful accessory for women. It is meant to be wrapped around the top of the head and tied at the lower back of the skull. As was common in the early 1920s, pearl strands can also be worn around the forehead and different hairstyles, especially at formal events. During the day, a strip of a ribbon or a broad stole would be rolled and wrapped around the head, perhaps with a large bow at the bottom and towards the side. These wrap-style headbands were handmade with different types of clothes.

Brain binder: The brain binder, also known as the headache band, is worn on the forehead area and around the back. In the 1920s, this style was a bit suffocating and was most popular among youth. These headbands could be of variable sizes, starting at one-inch ribbons to much thicker pieces. They sometimes had decorative pieces like tassels or beads sewn hanging to their sides. It was worn at parties, usually with silver and gemstones. This style of headband was also often inspired by Egyptian culture, with pharaohs or similar decorated onto the band.

Peacock headbands: The most common type worn by flappers, these are simple and designed to have a Peacock feather tucked into one of its sides. If a peacock feather isn’t used for this style, any other style of feather will suit – and there are often colourful dyed feathers in place. In the 1920s, this style was predominantly suited to girls with short and curled hair, however, today - anyone can use them and they’re particularly popular for racing carnivals.

Tiara style: One of the later releases in the 1920s was the tiara style headband, which is headband and tiara in one. These were often worn on the forehead, and essentially, they were designed to give commoners a royal look and feel.

How to choose

Whether you're after a knotted wire headband, a feather bridal band, a Peacock design, or a costume piece, you find it on eBay. When searching, you can apply the filters to make your search easier, or you can simply browse through the selection until you find a style that pops out at you.

Remember that the roaring 20s style came about because people were rebelling against the conservative restraints of World War One. Flapp­er headbands were a part of that, and they were considered to be flirty and fun. Try to remember this when you're choosing your own 1920s headband and don't be afraid of colourful sequins, extravagant beading, or large gems.