1920s and 1930s Costume Complete Outfits for Women

Get dangerous with your dress ups

Whether youre going to a 1920s costume party or a fancy dress get together without a specific theme, a 1920s costume is a great way to look classy, sassy and sophisticated while still showing off your creativity and fun personality. A 1920s dress up costume can be sexy, silly, or downright dangerous, and eBay has got options that can be all threes.

Get some inspiration from the roaring 1920s

The Roaring Twenties, known for its jazz, dynamic artistic expression, and economic prosperity after World War I, is an incredible fun era for costumes. Art deco became fashionable, the surrealist movement began, and the Great Gatsby was published. Winnie the Pooh was written and published, Hemingway rose to fame, and Virginia Woolf published five novels. Babe Ruth played for the New York Yankees, and Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel. Tutankhamuns tomb was discovered. Famous entertainers of the time included Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Josephine Baker, Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Harry Houdini, Cole Porter, and Alfred Hitchcock. The Charleston, flappers, Bonnie and Clyde, and the bob hair cut become icons of the time.

Accessorise your bad self

Whether youre looking for a mens gangster outfit, a trilby, or flapper dresses, thznk Chicago (the musical) for style or the fashion from the last season of Downton Abbey. Fringe, beading, long pearls, and caps for the ladies, with suits, ties, vests, and trilby hats for the men. The options really are endless, whatever your style, gender, or size, so get your shimmy on!

Check the listing to confirm exactly what components of the costume are included in your purchase. While youre searching for the perfect 1920s costume, check out eBays great range of womens costumes and costume accessories to complete your outfit.

Whatever the 1920s costume to suit your style and event, youre going to have everyone in a flap with your awesome costume purchased here today on eBay.