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1950s Vintage Slips and Petticoats for Women

In the 50s, modesty was a virtue, and women made sure nobody could see under their skirts and dresses by wearing slips for added coverage. Petticoats provided extra fluff under garments, creating that look everyone loves from the 50s, with layers of tulle peeking out from underneath a bobby skirt for a full, feminine look.

Full Slips

There are different types of slips that women wore in decades past. One of the most popular styles is called a full slip. This means that the slip is a one-piece garment that not only covers your bottom half, but fits over your top half as well. With a bra-top design, the slip fits over your own undergarments, camouflaging them from being seen underneath your clothes. Once an everyday part of a woman's wardrobe, satin and nylon vintage full slips and petticoats for women are now a collector's item. With details like a scalloped hemline and lace accents, the slips feel feminine and come in different lengths, mostly hitting the mid-calf area.

Half Slips

When a woman didn't require the coverage of a full slip, she'd turn to a half slip. This type of vintage slip is only the bottom half of the garment, and slips on just like a skirt. Traditionally made of nylon or satin, these lightweight slips ensure there are no panty lines showing and kept women comfortable knowing nobody could see their nylons or legs through their dresses. Brands like Sears and Vanity Fair created slips of all lengths and colours, giving women the flexibility to choose just the right slip for the occasion.


Full and fun, vintage slips and petticoats for women add volume to skirts and dresses. Typically made of chiffon or tulle, petticoats, also called crinolines, have an elastic waist for comfort and slip on easily. Available in a range of sizes and colours, petticoats are perfect for dancing and twirling. Though women today still wear them occasionally, they are mostly used for costumes and dance recitals. Not only did petticoats add layers to your look, but they doubled as slips, effectively providing coverage as well.

Intimate Accents

Vintage undergarments aren't limited to slips and petticoats. Women wore bra guards to keep their foundation garments in place, which are fun for vintage lovers to collect. Old-fashioned nylons and garters are a typical accompaniment to slips and other undergarments, and silky robes came in handy when women got dressed. Slip trousers work the same as a slip, but they look like satin shorts, providing coverage that allowed women some mobility.

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