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2-Outlet Surge Protectors

In a perfect world, electrical current would flow smoothly and consistently, and surge protectors would be instantly redundant. But the world - and electrical supply - is far from perfect, which is why wise people choose to protect their computers, TVs and other electrical devices with a surge protector.

How Surge Protectors Work

Surge protectors act as a buffer between the electrical outlet and your expensive electronic equipment. Different brands work in slightly different ways, but in general a computer power protection distribution device measures the electrical current coming from the outlet and diverts any excess energy to a separate compartment within the surge protector itself.

Protecting Your Equipment at Home

An 8-outlet surge protector is an excellent way to protect a bank of electrical devices in a home office setup or entertainment area. The 8 outlets leave plenty of space to plug in a range of electrical devices, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is protected in the event of a power surge. If 8 outlets are too many, consider something in between 2 and 8 outlets like a 4-outlet surge protector.

2-Outlet Surge Protector: Perfect for Travel

While it makes sense to opt for an 8-outlet or 4-outlet surge protector at home or to protect a group of largely stationary electrical devices, bringing 4-outlet surge protectors on a holiday seems like overkill. After all, while travelling most people simply need to charge their mobile phone once a day, and may also need to occasionally charge a digital camera, electric toothbrush, laptop or tablet. That's why many people choose 2-outlet surge protectors for travel, as two devices can comfortably charge at the same time, while the surge protector is small enough to easily fit within a suitcase or even carry-on baggage.

Specific Features for International Travel

Some 2-outlet surge protectors further accommodate international travellers by integrating a travel adaptor into the device. For example, some 2-outlet surge protectors feature Australian electrical outlets, USB outlets and interchangeable plugs, turning the travel surge protector into a travel adaptor suitable for use in a wide range of countries.

A Power Strip Is Not a Surge Protector

It is important to bear in mind that a power strip is not the same as a surge protector. While the two devices may appear similar, a power strip simply splits the electrical current, allowing several devices to be plugged in at once. If you think of a power strip simply as a larger double adaptor, you'll realise that plugging into a power strip is essentially the same as plugging indirectly to the wall outlet, with no additional protection.