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2016 Olympic $2 Coin

Australians have proudly represented their nation through various Olympic sports for over 120 years. In 2016, The Royal Australian Mint released a series of coloured commemorative $2 coins to coincide with the Rio Olympics. A separate multi-coloured $2 coin also issued to commemorate the Australian Paralympic team the same year. These limited edition 2016 Olympic $2 coins are legal tender and over 12 million coins went into general circulation in July and August that year. Uncirculated Olympic coins and full Olympic $2 Coin Sets are particularly popular with collectors.

What Does the 2016 Olympic $2 Coin Look Like?

In the full set of five Olympic 2 coins for the 2016 Rio Olympics, each individual coin features a different coloured circular ring in the Olympic colours - blue, black, red, yellow and green.

  • Reverse: At the centre of the circle on each coin are a kangaroo and emu on either side of a star. The Olympic rings logo is below. Around the outside of the coloured ring are images of the different Olympic sports. Across the full five coins, 32 different sports are represented. The wording around the outside of the face includes 2016 Australian Olympics team.
  • Front: Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse (front) of these $2 coins, as the reigning monarch.
  • Metals: Aluminium and bronze.

What Does the 2016 Paralympic $2 Coin Look Like?

The Paralympic $2 coin for the 2016 Paralympics was the first multi-coloured $2 coin minted in Australia.

  • This coin features a multi-coloured circle with the five colours of the Australian Paralympic team (Green, Yellow, Red and Blue).
  • The circular ring is set against an image of a wheelchair athlete with the ring as the wheels in motion.

What is the Composition and History of the Standard $2 Coin in Australia?

Australian 2 dollar coins are late eighties babies, they first issued in 1988 as a more durable option to replace paper notes.

  • They are the highest denomination of legal tender coin in Australia.
  • The coin is circular with a diameter of 20.5 millimetres and a thickness of 2.8 millimetres.
  • They use aluminium and bronze.
  • Colour $2 coins have come out in commemorative issues since 2012.