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2017 Calendar

Its a date

Traditional calendars are perfect for marking important dates and remembering your friends birthdays throughout the year. Whether your an animal lover and want a dog calendar for the New Year or one with images and stars from your favourite movies, youll find a calendar right here on eBay. Calendars make for a fantastic gift too, with a range of other book accessories such as journals, diaries and bookmarks to choose from.

Animal calendars

Each month brings a new cute animal for you to enjoy including fluffy puppies, kittens in baskets and Australian working dogs. Our selection of animal calendars is great for people who love animals and recording upcoming holidays. If youre a fan of more exotic and wild animals, go for one with lions, koala bears, tigers or a complete zoo collection.

Academic calendars

If youre a student in university, an academic calendar will become your new best friend. This type of calendar is perfect for your day to day schedule and making sure you never miss another lecture or class. Undergraduate and postgraduate students will both benefit from this calendar as it outlines each day in the “school year” perfectly, allowing you to record important dates, exams and holidays ahead of time.


Go for a landmark calendar to see new places or familiar Australian landmarks throughout the year. Look forward to spring and summer and jump ahead to write notes and reminders to help you stay on top of your busy schedule. Famous landmark calendars include everything from the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, London landmarks and many more.

Wall and pocket calendars

If you want a large calendar that you can write on and stick up on the wall, go for a traditional wall calendar. This is great for seeing each day clearly and marking dates from summer holidays to Thanksgiving. However, if you prefer a smaller format, go for a compact pocket calendar to mark holidays, birthday dates and important meetings.

Magnetic day calendar

Magnetic calendars are great for sticking to the fridge. The magnetic feature is a welcomed change from traditional push pins.