22mm Wristwatch Bands

22-millimetre watch bands

Although many watchstraps are adjustable, its always a good idea to get one that approximates the size of your wrist. 22-millimetre watch bands sit roughly in the middle of the sizing scale and can be found in just about any material. If youve got a watch of a particular brand, such as Rolex or Christopher Ward, its always a good idea to get a band made specifically for this brand. From gold, steel and genuine leather, theres a strap in just about any material.

Stainless steel bands

Bands made of stainless steel links are popular for top of the range models. They are usually chunky and can be plated in various metals such as gold, rose gold and silver. This type of strap can be a bit exy but will last you a long time and will look great. Even if your wrist is not 22-millimetres its worth noting that links can be removed to make them smaller. This is a good idea if your weight fluctuates or you are planning on bulking up.


Straps in black genuine leather look sleek and elegant and will suit any type of watch. Many brands offer their own straps in black or brown leather, so whether youve got a Rolex or a Seiko, youll find something to fit. This type of strap can vary in thickness. So, depending on your personal choice, you could opt for a slender leather band or thicker more robust strap.


Most modern sports watches come with a black silicone or resin strap. These are comfortable, robust and easy to replace. The Fitbit sports a silicone band too, so its definitely a good idea to get some spares.


Straps made of soft nylon will suit a range of watches. These are often seen as cheap and cheerful, so will probably not look great attached to a posh Rolex. However, they are durable and comfortable and come in a range of different colours.

Whether you want an elegant black leather band or a or a shock-resistant silicone strap there are hundreds of 22-millimetre watch bands to choose from.