2 GB PC3-10600 Computer RAM

Equipping your PC with new RAM can be a real performance upgrade, especially if your existing RAM is starting to fail. While you can find higher-capacity RAM, 2 GB of PC3-10600 can be exactly what you need depending on how you use your computer.

What is PC3-10600 Computer RAM?

PC3-10600 is a type of DDR3 computer memory. The PC3-10600 title refers to its maximum transfer rate of 10667 MB of data per second. It is also known as DDR3-1333 because it can transfer data at speeds of up to 1333 MHz. DDR3 RAM cannot be used alongside older types like DDR2 RAM and can only be installed on a motherboard with the correct DDR3 sockets, so make sure that your RAM upgrade is compatible with the rest of your computer.

Is 2 GB of RAM Enough?

Most modern computers come with more than 2 GB of RAM. However, depending on your workload, this amount of computer memory can be more than enough for your needs. 2 GB of RAM will let you play music and videos on your computer, browse the Internet, check your emails and social media and use office software. If you want to play a lot of modern games, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM will give you a noticeable performance boost.