3-Phase Industrial Generators

This robust and powerful generator and is typically used for industrial applications requiring 3-phase power. Some common uses of generators include powering factory machinery, industrial kitchens and garage equipment. There is a variety of 3-phase generators available in new, used and refurbished condition. You can choose from quality and durable equipment suited to a range of industrial uses.

Different sizes

The type of industrial generator you choose will depend on the wattage draw of the appliance you will be running. There are several guides to determine these values but choosing the correct size will enable you to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted power when you need it most. Smaller generators are able to power equipment such as mobile homes, outside lighting, light refrigeration units and small tools.

Larger generators can handle multiple appliances or power equipment for longer periods and can still be transported from site to site with ease. For remote locations, there are also several options for onsite generators that provide backup power for both domestic and business properties.

Key features and functions

A 3-phase petrol or diesel industrial generator offers a steady power source for a range of equipment. With advances in technology, many modern units have a quieter engine than older models and pack more power via single or multiple outlets. You'll find generators with multifunctional screens and large fuel tanks for long-lasting usage. There are also several units that have easy portability and tough casing to provide resistance to weather and construction site conditions.

Parts for industrial generators

If you're looking for replacement parts for an existing 3-phase generator, there is a selection of components available to fit a range of models. You'll find everything from voltage regulators and controllers to parts for wind turbine generators. There is also a range of heavy-duty extension leads for both indoor and outdoor use.