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Get a 3-Point linkage to fix that tractor

The 3-point linkage or 3-point hitch is a well-known type of hitch used for agricultural and industrial purposes. This style of linkage revolutionised the agricultural industry and became a key design feature of many commercial tractors. This type of point linkage allows tractors to carry out work effectively and with increased safety and traction.

Tractor tow hitches

One of the most popular uses of 3-point linkage is used on tractors and heavy machinery such as a backhoe loader. With this style of linkage, tractors are able to attach to a number of farm equipment with ease. Examples of machinery using this linkage includes finishing mowers, hay balers and rotary hoe or tiller. There is also the option of using a standard tractor tow hitch with a ball for conventional towing. Unlike traditional towing bars, 3-point linkage offers the benefits of transferring the weight and resistance of heavy machinery to drive the wheels of the vehicle.

Agricultural equipment

There is a wide selection of farming and agricultural equipment that uses the versatile 3-point linkage system. If you're looking to replace or upgrade your existing machinery, there is something for every farming project. This effective linkage helps to attach essential components with ease and each attachment is suited to a variety of tractor sizes or machinery strengths. To ensure you choose the right 3-point linkage farming or industrial equipment for your tractor, be sure to check its specifications such as horsepower and weight for the suitable attachment.

Popular equipment for farming use includes ploughs, hole diggers and boom sprayers plus tractor buckets and pallet forks to easily move dirt and gravel around.

Backhoe loaders and tractors can also be used for construction and industrial use and also feature the 3-point linkage system to attach a range of suitable components to tackle heavy-duty projects.