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3 Wheel Push Scooters

Both as a fun toy for kids and a convenient means of transport, push scooters or kick scooters are useful in all sorts of scenarios. For those concerned with their kid’s safety, 3 wheel push scooters are an alternative to micro scooters that provide more support for kids riding about.

Standard Features of 3-Wheeled Kids Scooters

Across the various models of kids’ scooter, there are a number of common features available, like:

  • Folding Scooters: Making them easier to transport, some models of toddler scooter are able to be folded up into a compact form.
  • Adjustable Height: Have no fear that your child will outgrow their scooter as many come with an adjustable height so that the handles are just right.

Safety Features of Kids Scooters

Given that you’re trusting your children with them, you want to ensure that the kids will be as safe as possible. Features to ensure this include:

  • Deck with Shock Absorption: Balance is key to not falling off and scooter’s with shock absorbing decks lessen those chances.
  • Lean-to-Turn Scooters: Rather than using bicycle-style turning mechanisms, lean-to-turn scooters are easier for young children to understand and set them on the path to riding bicycles.