Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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33RPM Speed Vinyl Records

Whether your intention is to purely reminisce on the past or to add to your existing collection, there are a variety of collectable records in pristine condition and recently printed records of both recent and classic albums. No matter what style of music you enjoy listening to, whether Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, or Jazz, there is a Vinyl Record available for you.

The 33 RPM Speed Vinyl Records are renown for being the "LP" (Long Playing record), made from vinyl plastic which ensures a longer life than some of their competitors. The 33 RPM records have the ability to play music for up to 60 minutes, meaning that even with the longest album you can just let the ambience take over without worrying about changing the record.

Reissued Vinyl Records

The broad range of reissued Vinyl gives you the opportunity to get your hands on pieces that have a unique, original sound. Whether you are after a classic spin on your favourite CD Album whether from 2016 or 1916, without the scratches, warps or dirt that your beloved vinyl or CD may have accrued throughout their lifetime. Music Producers have reissued new versions of your treasured vinyl's, allowing you to embrace a new level of musical clarity from a range of artists.

Record Players

This modern spin on a vintage piece is brilliant for music fans across the world, these 33 RPM Vinyl's are perfect to use with any Audio Record Player & Turntable , whether you are looking for a modern twist of a record player or a traditional vintage one like your grandparent used to use, there's one for all.
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