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3D Printers

3D Printers

A symbol of innovation and creativity, the 3D printer has surged in popularity ever since its been made affordable. These amazing devices print out 3D objects made of plastic via a print head that heats a filament material and funnels the melted plastic out of a nozzle. The head makes a series of computer-controlled movements for impeccable accuracy. And though printing is slow going, the results can be immensely rewarding. The production method has made otherwise expensive equipment like prosthetics much cheaper to make.

Wi-Fi 3D Printers

Wi-Fi 3D printers further innovate on the concept of additive manufacturing. Common 3D printers would require users to copy their 3D model files onto an SD card to then insert into a card reader on the printer. Wi-Fi 3D printers make the process more convenient by allowing users to simply drag and drop their project files using specific software for their printers. This feature is great for small projects, such as when you simply want to create a small replacement part for a quick repair. Wi-Fi is usually an add-on to older 3D printer models, but newer ones have it as a standard feature. So if you don’t have one yet, get a futuristic-looking printer with a glossy white and semi-transparent black housing that natively comes with a Wi-Fi card. If you have one already, then buy an add-on that is easy to install to enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi without having to purchase a new unit.

Adjustable Layer Thickness Feature

3D printers with adjustable layer thickness settings are excellent for making precision recreations of your model. You will be able to control the setting before starting the printing process. Layer thickness range from 16 µm and 150 µm, and the printing time increases as the thickness setting goes higher.

Filaments and Consumables

The filament is the ink of a 3D printer and drastically affects the resulting print, depending on the type you use. Some older printers are compatible with only one type, such as ABS, but others can use new kinds like water soluble filaments that melt away when submerged. The latter is ideal because they cut down the finishing time by eliminating the task of cutting and sanding out the support beams of the resulting print.

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