3D Puzzles

Challenge yourself on a rainy day with 3D puzzles

If you want to pass time on a rainy day or take up a new hobby, a 3D puzzle is an ideal way to do so. From 3D puzzles of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben to Disney inspired puzzles of your favourite characters, and Christmas themed 3D jigsaws, you can find your favourites on eBay.

Number of Pieces

You may want to shop for a 3D puzzle based on the number of pieces to help determine the difficulty level of the puzzle. Easy puzzles can have less than 15 pieces, which is great for young children. However, if you want more of a puzzle challenge, you can go for a 500-piece puzzle, which takes more time to complete. For families looking for a puzzle to complete together or those looking for a challenge, then try the 1000 piece puzzle.

Famous Landmarks

Create your favourite landmarks and buildings with a 3D puzzle. The Eiffel Tower is a popular choice, along with the Big Ben, the Empire State Building and the Colosseum. With the latest 3D puzzle technology, you can build impressive 3D models of famous buildings from around the world.

3D Puzzle Brands

There are a variety of great puzzle brands to choose from. Disney 3D puzzles are perfect for children and teenagers who love the Disney movies and want to create their favourite characters in real-life. Ravensburger is another great puzzle brand for both children and adults. Some other 3D puzzle brands here on eBay include Wrebbit, Rubiks and CubicFun.

3D Puzzle Games

If you like puzzle games, youll love the 3D puzzles that need a little more out of the box thinking to complete. The Tetris Brainteaser Cube requires you to build a 3D cube with Tetris puzzle pieces, which is a lot of fun for kids and fans of the original Tetris game.