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A new art, 3D target archery

Archery is an ancient sport that involves shooting targets, and usually, those targets are live animals. However, 3D archery has evolved, which is a novel form of this ancient sport whereby you can aim for 3D targets which are usually made of foam.

Many of the targets are life-sized animals, but there are other fun targets available too. Known as backyard targets, these can include replica pumpkins or big 3D zombies. Arrows can easily be pulled out of the target, so you can line up and go again.

Though the goal is often to improve your accuracy when hunting live animals, it is fair to say that 3D archery target is also about competition shooting.

What to look for when buying 3D archery targets

There is a wealth of wildlife targets available such as pigeons, wild bucks, bears, deer, and boars, replicated by brands such as Longlife, Delta McKenzie, and Rinehart. The targets should have a solid body made from self-healing foam, allowing the target to take multiple hits. All targets should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions to ensure optimal durability. Be sure to check that the size specifications are what you want.

Bows and arrows

Archery sets and other archery equipment are available for both adults and children. Styles range from Robin Hood-style traditional feathered arrows and wooden archery bows to more recent powered compound bows designed for maximum accuracy.

If you're going to be practising a lot, it can be a good idea to invest in a set of armguards which protect the inside of your arm from the thwack of the bowstring.

Recurve bows

These are a popular style and are used in competitive archery. This bow is suitable for people of all competencies, especially novices.


Crossbows have a vertical shaft and groove for drawing and releasing the arrows, which are known as bolts or quarrels. Crossbows have a history dating back over 2000 years, although they weren't always made of fibreglass.

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