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4 GB Memory Computer Graphics and Video Cards

Buying a new video card for your computer takes a lot of research, mostly because your need to take into account both the actual performance specifications of the graphics card you intend to buy as well as its compatibility with the existent components in your PC. Graphic cards with 4 GB of memory are popular options because they make any computer run fast for day-to-day programs, while also offering you enough power to fire up your favourite video games.

Consider the GPU

One of the essential things to consider when shopping for graphics card is the GPU, which has a significant impact on the overall performance. Whether you are looking for a video graphics card for NVIDIA or AMD, it's always a good idea to go for a newer GPU in the form of GDDR5 instead of GDDR3 for better performance. Moreover, don't forget to look at the clock speed of the GPU, especially if you intend to use the graphic card for video games.

Ports and Compatibility

When you install the video card into the motherboard, you need to make the existent slots are compatible. Different video cards and motherboards may feature different types of sloths that vary in width, so it's vital for the motherboard to support the PCIe version and width of your chosen card. Finally, make sure the power supply of the PC features a spare and power connector to accommodate your new video card.

RAM Options

The term RAM refers to the actual amount of memory a video card can work with. The more RAM a card has, the better the performance. With a video card that sports 4 GB of RAM, your machine will be able to handle 4K movies and most video games without a hiccup. This amount of RAM also makes multitasking and running multiple applications at the same time a breeze.