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Got one to sell?

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45 RPM Speed Vinyl Records

There's a growing demand for rare vinyl records throughout Australia, and it's not just vinyl albums. People are also looking for 45 records of their favourite bands such as the Missing Links. They aren't just collectables; anyone with 45 record players can listen to them, too.

What are 45 RPM Records?

All vinyl records are basically the same thing; they're disks with a spiral groove cut in the side that play music. Having said that, 45-RPM records do have some specific characteristics that affect both the sound and the content:

  • Diameter: A standard 45 is 175 millimetres in diameter, with extended play disks coming in at 250 millimetres. In most cases this means a standard 45 can hold one song on each side.
  • Speed: The higher rotational velocity of 45-RPM records means that the turntable needle can read more information every second, so it has a higher audio resolution than 33 RPM LP albums.

Listening to 45s

Any good vinyl record player, or phonograph, should have a setting for 45-RPM disks. In most cases they also require an insert as the internal diameter of the 45 is greater than that of LPs.

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