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4GB USB Flash Drives

4 GB USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are a great means of data storage in a tiny capacity. Also known as pen drives, USB sticks or memory sticks, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with storage capacities varying from as little as 1 GB to 8 GB and up to 32 GB or even more. Many manufacturers produce 4 GB flash drives as theyre an ideal size to hold a number of files and documents. The information stores on the device in such a way that it processes and transfers easily, meaning you wont have to sit and wait whilst your data transfers to your computer or vice versa.

How Many Files Can I Store On a 4 GB Flash Drive?

Your 4 GB flash drive can hold plenty of storage—it just depends what you want to store.

  • The capacity accommodates up to 3,850 photos and up to seven hours of video, so you wont have to delete any of your memories in a hurry.
  • Theres space for 770 songs—more than enough for a road trip playlist.
  • Alternatively, the stick holds over 7,000 documents and more than 30,000 Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to store a lot of your work information in the palm of your hand.

Which Styles And Designs Are Available For 4 GB Flash Drives?

There are myriad designs available for 4 GB flash drives to suit all ages and individual tastes.

  • Metallic casing looks sleek, elegant and professional. Metallics add a little flair whilst still being neutral. Brushed metal finishes in gunmetal greys, silver, gold and rose gold are the most common metallics available.
  • Playful themes for holidays, occasions and children add a bit of colour and fun. Santa, cartoon, unicorn designs and more lends brightness and individuality to your accessories.
  • Branded USB drives are a popular advertising tool for companies. You can find drives by Marvel and DC Comics, Red Bull, Audi and more.

What Can I Use My 4 GB Flash Drive For?

  • 4 GB USB flash drives for your laptop or tablet allow you to access and transfer pictures, videos, documents and spreadsheets easily.
  • You can use thumb drives in your smart TV, allowing you to view your pictures or watch videos on the big screen.
  • You can store documents and move them easily and securely without the need for bulky hard drives or Internet access—ideal for when youre on the go travelling or dont have Internet access.

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