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5-Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

Good quality car audio takes power; the more car speakers you have the more power you need to drive them. That's one problem people often run into when they simply hook up more speakers to their existing audio system. Rather than getting the better sound they want, they get a thin, weak sound because the head unit isn't pushing out enough power to get the best out of the speakers. A 5-channel car audio amplifier is a great way to get around that issue.

How Amplifiers Work

The basic principle behind car audio amplifiers is that they take an existing signal, add more power, and then reproduce it. The better the amplifier the more accurate the reproduction. The amount of amplification is the gain, and a good amplifier can produce linear response at high levels of gain. Some amplifiers have a frequency response that pushes more energy towards one frequency than another; this is particularly helpful for earbuds, which can use the extra power for more bass.

Amplifier Channels

Every amplifier can only support a set number of distinct signals or channels. A five-channel amplifier can thus support separate front and rear speakers on the left and right side, as well as fifth channel for the subwoofer. Subwoofers only need a single channel because the sound is not directional, so you don't need to isolate different signals from different angles. It just feels like it's all around you. Three-channel car audio amplifiers don't separate out the front and rear signals, just left and right.

Types of Amplifiers

Both three and five-channel amplifiers are multi-channel designs, where one amplifier handles all of your speakers. Some people use mono-channel car audio amplifiers to drive a separate subwoofer rather than feeding it into the existing multi-channel setup. The advantage of this approach is that it lets you feed more power to the subwoofer than the other speakers.

5-Channel Advantages

The biggest advantage of a five-channel amplifier is that it offers a true surround sound setup with a single amplifier. It's the easiest setup to install and connect and gives the best overall sound reproduction of any single amplifier, turning your car into the perfect place to listen to your favourite music.

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