5-inch Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

For those who need quality sound in their vehicle, a set of 5-inch car speakers is a suitable addition to get the job done. Sharp sound and deep notes can flow smoothly through a good system to deliver a compelling audio experience on the go. Look for a high grade rubber coating and updated tweeter design so you can treat your ears. This creates a full mix of surround sound that anyone can enjoy.


Car speakers and speaker systems come in a wide variety of styles, including single speaker kits, multi speaker kits, and kits with subwoofers. Many 5 by 7-inch car speakers and speaker systems fit most standard vehicles and come with simple installation guides. Many have a rubber coating around the exterior to provide a rich, high fidelity sound so you clearly hear every note of your music as intended. Larger speakers, such as 5.25-inch car speakers and speaker systems, provide a bigger sound so you are able to enjoy a fuller experience while driving. Some speakers operate at 250 watts of power or more, ensuring they can handle the signal being pushed through the system.


Subwoofers are an important piece of the puzzle that make for an amazing music experience in your car. These speakers take care of the lower bass tones so your listening experience not only features the high notes, but also the full effect of the low notes in your favourite songs. Ventilated designs allow for cool operation and reduced chance of burnout over time.

Radios and Faceplates

No speaker system is complete without the right radio. LCD touchscreen faceplates allow you to download and run all kinds of music apps right from your dashboard. Connect an Android or Apple phone to your vehicle via an auxiliary cord to play music from your device, or use Bluetooth connectivity to do the same. HD and satellite equipped devices offer you the ability to listen to high quality music from satellite services.