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6.5-inch Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Your vehicle is your domain and you get to choose whether you listen to audio favourites using 6.5 or 4-inch car speakers and speaker systems or other sizes ranging from 1 to 18 inches. You have several types to choose from to wow you and your riders. Don't forget the all-important component however: a quality car radio or audio unit.

In-Dash Audio Units

Just on the chance that your existing car in-dash unit needs replaced or you want a new one, make sure to review the inventory of vehicle electronics. You'll be able to find models with a radio, CD player or a combo system that includes a CD and cassette player. In place of a compact disc player, a digital media receiver usually includes USB ports, a SD card slot, a AUX port and other features, such as Bluetooth.


When shopping for car speakers and speaker systems, choose from full-range speakers that include a woofer, tweeter and perhaps a mid-range speaker for middle frequencies and a supertweeter for ultra-high oscillations. On the other hand, component speakers contain a woofer and tweeter you can mount separately as well as a crossover speaker to help deliver quality sound. Of the two systems, oftentimes component speakers have a more dynamic sound because you can position the woofer and tweeter in a preferred location for better amplification.

Woofers and Tweeters

Designed to bring harmony into the sound equation, woofers capture low-end sounds while tweeters carry high-end reverberations. As they are the lifeblood of sound, make sure the woofers are made from materials like polypropylene or metals coated with fabric to produce accurate sound responses. Likewise, a tweeter can crank out mellow resonances or high-pitched noises, depending on whether you choose one covered in a soft material such as silk or a hard material such as ceramic.

RMS Power

Speakers have a RMS power rating to let you know the amount of power speakers can handle when used continuously, as compared to a few minutes. If you purchase a low-amp system, your RMS rating should be lower than a system that has a lot of power, which requires speakers with a higher RMS.

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