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6.5 HP Engine Motors

No machine runs without a source of power, so engines are vital parts of all machinery. The bigger and meaner the machine, the more horsepower it requires. 6.5 HP engines meet the needs of small machines, such as lawn mowers. Should you need to replace the engine that your equipment came with, you first need to understand some basic things about your mower and small engines in general.

Power Type

Lawn mower engines may run on either electricity or petrol. Alternatively, you can operate them by pushing them by hand. Cylinder mowers that help to generate level lawns are either hand-push models, electric, or they work on petrol. Rotary lawn mowers that can cope with different kinds of lawn tend to work on petrol or electricity. Cordless lawn mowers work on petrol, as their name already hints that they have no wire. Obviously, a hand-pushed mower does not require an engine, only your own manual labour. For other types of mowers, first determine whether it is a 6.5 HP petrol engine motor or an electric engine and then start looking for a replacement accordingly.

Starting System

There are two ways to start your lawn mower. The traditional method is pulling the rope, while modern electrical systems only require turning the key in the ignition after priming. Some advanced systems even cut the need for priming. When choosing your engine, consider what kind of starting system you can afford and handle. If you have no problem with pulling the rope with some force, you can opt for this traditional method. However, if the pulling only makes you tired, think about getting a more advanced engine.


Even small machines can create large amounts of noise, and this stands true for lawn mower engines as well. If you do not want to wake up your neighbours every time you need to do some early morning mowing, opt for a quality engine with a muffler that turns down the racket. Engine specifications typically include noise levels, so look out for them.


No matter how advanced and fancy the engine, there is no use of it, if it does not fit your lawn mower. Before purchasing a new lawn mower engine, check your old equipment to determine which specific 6.5 HP motor you require. Using the part number when searching for a replacement is always a good idea. It is also easier to find a new one if you pick the same manufacturer and buy an OEM part.

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