Six-String Acoustic Guitars

Everyone remembers their first real six-string. For decades the six-string acoustic guitar has been the emblem of folk music, and the most popular string instrument in most of the world.

How Do You Choose an Acoustic Guitar?

Just like with an electric guitar, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for an acoustic. You need to know your budget, your skill level and your intentions for the guitar. The rest depends on the guitar itself:

  • Material: Solid wood like spruce is better for an acoustic guitar than a laminate.
  • Size: Always pick a guitar you feel comfortable with; you may be better off with a smaller concert model while someone else may prefer the larger size of a dreadnought.
  • Cutaway: Players who spend a lot of time at the higher frets may want a cutaway body to make them easier to reach.

Accessorizing Your Guitar

When buying your first acoustic guitar you want decent guitar strings, but you shouldn't devote too much of your budget to things like straps, tuners and cases; focus on the guitar first.