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64 GB SDXC Memory Cards

Modern mobiles phones and tablets come equipped with cameras and often screens large enough to enjoy watching videos on. Moreover, they are great portable gaming devices. However, all this functionality brings with it the need for space—space to store all those large image files, videos and game data. That's when a 64 GB SDXC microSD card is sure to come in handy.


Before choosing a particular SDXC memory card for mobiles phones, first make sure that your device can indeed use an SDXC card. SDXC (SD extended capacity) cards, as well as their microSD variants, succeed the older SDHC (SD high capacity) and SD cards. While they share the same physical size and shape, there are some important differences under the bonnet. SDXC cards use a file format called 'exFAT'. This allows them to have a large capacity, theoretically being able to reach 2 TB in size. Moreover, it allows these cards to store individual files larger than 4 GB in size each. While these newer cards can physically fit older hardware, if the hardware was not designed to work with SDXC, then it cannot be used.

Speed Class and Rated Speed

You may not realise just how important these two classifications are. If you have a phone with a high-resolution camera that generates large resolution files, then you need a card that has a high maximum speed, so that it can quickly write the file to the card and you can proceed with taking another photo. This is the 'speed rating' of a memory card. If, on the other hand, you tend to shoot more video, then you need a card with a certain minimum write speed because video has a steady stream of data that needs to be written at a steady rate. This is the 'speed class', or class rating, of the memory card. Since one of the main advantages of a large SDXC card is the ability to record large video files, if that is your intention, make sure you pick a card with the required minimum speed class to avoid dropped frames and lost data.


The SDXC standard allows manufacturers to make memory cards that can store large amounts of data. Manufacturers offer versions with larger sizes, such as 128 GB SDXC memory cards for mobile phones, and are constantly striving to increase capacity.

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