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6TB Internal Hard Disk Drives

6TB Storage Capacity Internal Hard Disk Drives

In modern computers, the disk space can run out too quickly if you need to store thousands of photos, music files and videos or install lots of software. Luckily, this is a part of your computer that you could easily upgrade by attaching an external hard disk drive or acquiring a new internal hard disk drive. 6TB should be enough to satisfy even the most demanding computer users, especially because it has more space than the entry-level 500GB drives. Consider the different aspects of such drives and make an informed choice.

Internal Hard Disk Drive Type

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are traditional drives, while the solid state drives (SSDs) provide some extra benefits. Traditional HDDS include spinning metal disks inside them, while the SSDs store data in flash memory like USB memory sticks. Therefore, the SSDs read and write data faster, draw less power, conserving the battery and last longer. Per gigabyte, the SSDs are more expensive than HDDs and they also fit less data. HDDs are great for making backups, while SSDs cope better with handling operating systems.

Internal Hard Disk Drive Form Factors

The form factor of the drive depends on the current setup of your computer. The two choices available are 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. As HDDs are spinning metal disks, more disk are required for more capacity. Thus, the HDDs are usually 3.5-inch drives with a capacity of up to 12TB. Laptop HDDs can only store 4TB worth of data. SSDs do not have movable parts and they usually fit the 2.5-inch form factor. A special connector turns it into a 3.5-inch drive. The drives use either SATA or IDE connectors.

Internal Disk Drive Transfer Speeds

The transfer speed of an internal disk drive is expressed in rotations per minute, RPM. The higher the RPM, the faster the transfer speed. The SATA speed, in GB/s does not give much information about the drives performance. It is always worth comparing the RPM if choosing between different drives.

Internal Disk Drive Failure Rate

The lifespan of internal disk drives varies greatly. As HDDs are mechanical, they are more likely to experience wear and tear. Modern SSDs typically last longer because they have no movable parts, although HDDs are more reliable than SSDs if planning to backup data.

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