7 Pin Trailer Plug Trailer Parts

If you are towing a trailer then you will need a trailer plug to ensure the trailer light wiring is connected to your cars electronic signals. Basically, this means that if you indicate left in your car, the trailers left indicator will also blink simultaneously. This is an important safety feature when towing a trailer.

Connecting Your Trailer to Your Car

The most commonly seen trailer plug is a 7 pin trailer plug with a round connection point. However, some trailers may come with a 7 pin flat trailer plug, which will not match up to a round connection point. If you don’t have the correct shaped trailer plug then you will need a trailer adaptor plug in order to connect the trailer lights and signals to your car.

Tow Bar Wiring Harness Kit for Retrofitted Tow Bars

If you have had a tow-ball retrofitted to your car then you will also need to install a tow bar wiring harness kit which will then allow you to hook up the trailer signals to the car electronics system using a trailer plug. When purchasing a tow bar wiring harness you can get either a universal kit or a customised kit.