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7 by 5 Trailers

What will you do with your 7 by 5 trailer? Will you use it every day for work, or will you only use it to move furniture when the need arises? No matter how you plan to use it, having a trailer to pull behind your vehicle is a handy tool. Know before you go. Do a little research on the different types on the market, and your shopping experience will be more enjoyable.

Leave it Open

When you aren't limited to how high you can stack items, you are free to increase your loads, thus cutting your work time in half. Open trailers are the most popular because the majority of people do not know what future hauling needs might occur. Before you start moving, cover your cargo with a tarp to keep everything safe and dry along the way. Additionally, it will keep people from seeing what you are moving.

Box it Up

For those that like to have a little barrier around the sides, a box trailer is the best choice. The rails are low enough to not interfere with your load but high enough to make sure everything stays in place. Go ahead and take that sharp curve; your load isn't going to move.


A closed in trailer makes for a good storage area. Since it is enclosed, you can lock it up when not in use and open it when you need it. It's perfect for those that work away from home and need to take tools and supplies along.

Take Your Bike Along for the Ride

One important reason to own a 7 by 5 trailer is for taking your toys along with you. Car, bike, and boat trailers typically have ramps attached, so loading and unloading is a breeze. What's more, there is usually a wheel rail for locking your tyres in place.

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