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8 String Electric Guitars

8-String Electric Guitars

8-string guitars have 2 more guitar strings than the usual guitars that musicians play with. Many classical, metal and jazz guitarists favour these instruments over the usual 6-string acoustic guitar or electric guitar. 8-stringed guitars function well as a performing instrument. Musicians who prefer elaborate and strict compositional play find satisfaction in using these extended range guitars.

Why Should You Use 8-String Electric Guitars?

  1. 8-string guitars produce tight low ends with lower mid growls that add another dimension to metal and hardcore music styles.
  2. These give out warm, deep tones and clear articulation.
  3. 8-string electric guitars grant sonic versatility and more precise pickups.
  4. These are capable of longer sustain.
  5. These are extended range guitars that are capable of playing elaborate music pieces like piano and harp sheets. You can play baroque music with 8-string guitars.

How Do You Care For Your Guitar?

  1. Invest in a hard case for protection against damage and temperature changes. Check out guitar and bass cases for options.
  2. To maintain your fretboard, wipe down the neck after each use to cleanse from oil and grime
  3. Choose gentle electric guitar and bass polishes and cleaners. Apply them with care.