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80x80mm Thermal Paper Rolls

80 x 80 mm Thermal Paper Rolls Receipt Rolls

Receipt paper is a necessity for most businesses, whether you deal directly with the public or sell your goods and services online. Most cash registers and receipt printers now rely on thermal paper for their printing, as this advanced style of paper offers more durability and resistance to fading when compared to older styles. The 80 x 80 mm dimension of thermal paper rolls fits with most receipt printers making them the most compatible style, and the unique technology used to print means the ink is bold and clear.

Thermal Technology

Thermal paper rolls and receipt rolls use a special paper and coated with a chemical which changes colour when exposed to heat. This surface features a black dye, which becomes visible once it reacts with heat, making them useful for a number of devices like adding machines, receipt printers and ATMs.


As 80x80mm is the most common dimension for receipt paper, these rolls fit a variety of machines and different models, including ATMs, cash registers, and any other device that doesn’t require a printer ribbon. Receipt rolls of this size are best used for Digipos receipt printers, Epson receipt printers, Citizen receipt printers and more.

Durable and Fade Resistant

Thermal paper receipt rolls are more durable than traditional printer receipts, and they use a thicker base, which helps to prevent curling of the receipt. The dye used in these rolls is resistant to fading, so there’s no need to make copies of receipts as they will stay legible for many years, and the data printed on them will be clear and legible.

Your Choice of Quantity

Thermal paper receipt rolls come in varying lengths in the 80 x 80 mm size. For a business that uses large quantities of printed receipts, it is possible to purchase these rolls in bulk to save money and time ordering more in the future. The core measurement will show you how big the cardboard roll in the middle of the paper is, so you can determine which is the best value for money.