8GB Computer RAM

What to Know When Buying 8GB RAM Sticks

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is an internal computer component that plays a critical role in data processing and application loading. Many computers run with only 8GB of RAM, but this can be upgraded to 16 gigabytes or replaced with a stick of 8 GB DDR 3 RAM. On Ebay, DDR3 RAM with 8GB of capacity can be found at a reasonable price.

Are all sticks of RAM interchangeable?

No, not all sticks of RAM are interchangeable. In fact, there are a few key specifications that affect the compatibility of your RAM stick. These, in addition to the form factor of the RAM stick you choose to purchase, can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful upgrade or replacement attempt. Here are some specifications to be aware of when choosing a new stick of RAM:

  • Clock speed
  • Storage space of the RAM, which is measured in gigabytes
  • Number of pins
  • DDR, or double data rate number
Is 8GB a lot of RAM?

Many computers currently run with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM or DDR4 RAM, so 8 gigabytes could be considered a standard quantity. Typically, the 8GB RAM price is low enough to be affordable while still providing a high-quality computer upgrade. Sometimes the brand, refresh rate, and DDR number play a more important role in the quality of your RAM stick than the raw quantity measured in gigabytes.

Choosing RAM for desktop or laptop

Most 8GB RAM sticks will at least fit into place on the motherboard of a desktop computer with an ATX or mATX form factor. With that said, if you’re adding new RAM, you should make sure that the clock speed, DDR number, and pin number all match up with the specifications of the RAM you already have. If you do not currently have RAM with 8GB of capacity installed on your system, you should just make sure that the RAM is compatible with your motherboard by checking your owner’s manual.

Replacing or adding new 8GB RAM DDR3 sticks on a laptop is much more complicated than on a desktop. In addition to making sure that the stick is compatible with your motherboard, you need to make sure that it will fit into your laptop case, which often has very little extra space. If you’re adding 8GB of DDR3 RAM to your laptop computer, you should consider purchasing a part made specifically for your laptop model to avoid compatibility issues.