8x5 Tandem Trailer

8X5 Tandem Trailers

For anyone looking to tow or haul heavy-duty equipment or gear, a tandem trailer would be your best bet. Because these trailers sit on with two axles, they have more strength and durability. They are able to carry more weight and have more towing power. Many of these trailers are tandem car trailers to tow an additional car. They sometimes come with car ramps to easily drive your car up onto the trailer bed. Tandem trailers are easy to hook up and manage. All you need to worry about is that you have a tow hitch and the capabilities to tow a trailer. Many of these trailers also have a barricade or fence around them to be able to contain your belongings more easily. This fencing allows your items to roll around if they need to without throwing them off the trailer.

Tipper Trailer

Many tandem trailers are also tipper trailers, which have a mechanism that allows them to tip into the air on one side with the push of a button or pull of a lever. These trailers are helpful if you find that you are often unloading materials or equipment. They help easily slide items out through a latched door or gate at one end. These trailers also have the fencing around them to contain items on the trailer. These also are great for loading and unloading cars and other riding vehicles such as motorcycles, go karts, quads, and other driving carts.

Enclosed Trailer

Other styles of tandem trailers are enclosed trailers. These are really great for storing your gear year round and keeping it safe. Enclosed trailers can hold just about anything from other vehicles to machinery and tools. Whatever youre reason is for needing an enclosed trailer, these are easy to hook up and tow around. They can also lock up, which is another benefit. You can also customise these trailers with whatever colour you want on the trailer as well as a logo if youre using it for work purposes.