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8x5 Trailers

Get the job done with an 8x5 trailer

If youre in the market for a new trailer, there are plenty of options on eBay. An 8x5 trailer is a great mid-size option that will suit most needs, whether youre taking business waste to the tip every day, heading to the race track or the lake with a small boat or tonnes of equipment every weekend, or simply like lending a hand when friends and family have stuff to shift.

When buying car, bike, and boat trailers, or trailers for any purpose, there are certain things you must always look at that to help you make the right choice and ensure you get the best possible trailer for your money.

Trailer options

Before you go any further, assess the size and specification regarding the materials used. Ask yourself if it is big and strong enough to cope with your tasks. It is essential that the joints are welded strongly with galvanised steel, and that there is no rust affecting the structural integrity of the trailer. Similarly, on cage or box trailers, check that the gates open and close smoothly, and stay closed. Always check the drawbar too, making sure it is solid and not likely to wobble or, worse, shear off. If its not correctly fitted then your tandem trailer will veer, causing wear and potentially very dangerous handling.

You should then take a closer look at some of the engineering and mechanical functions. You should check for properly aligned axles that are even. Whether a single axle or a tandem trailer, check the axles are not twisted as this can cause uneven tyre wear. Confirm that brakes and lights are working and that wheels on your tandem unit are roadworthy.

There are a wide range of trailers available on eBay. An 8x5 tandem can be towed by a truck, wagon, MPV, or ute with a tow bar. These trailers are fantastic workhorses, and offer a payload capacity of up to 3500kg, the same as a high-end heavy duty pick-up.

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