• New listingAdvance Acoustic High End amplifier - Made in France

    Up for sale a Hi End stereo amplifier Advance Acoustic in perfect working condition, only look old as normal signs of used and dust covering.
    AU $610.00
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  • DSE A-2760 integrated amplifier

    Here is a DSE A-2760 integrated amplifier, 80 wpc into 8 ohms. DC offset set and Bias checked and is perfect. Has four line level inputs, any of these can be used to connect an ipod, tablet, phone, cd player etc.Has no phono input.
    AU $0.99
    1 bidEnding 31 Jul at 20:00 AEST8d 8hLocal pickup
  • Vintage Classic Sansui AU-222 amplifier - full working order and good condition

    Channel separation: 50dB (line). Input sensitivity: 2mV (MM), 150mV (DIN), 150mV (line). Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz. Signal to noise ratio: 60dB (MM), 65dB (line). Power output: 18 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo).
    AU $27.00
    6 bidsEnding 30 Jul at 20:37 AEST7d 9hLocal pickup
  • stereo valve power amplifier contan audio australian made kt88 24 karat gold

    Up for sale a Contan Audio CTS 60 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier. This is evidenced thru its weight. 22kg and frequency response. If you are considering a Hong Kong based valve power amp this would be a far better option.
    AU $499.00
    1 bidEnding Tuesday at 21:56 AEST1d 10hLocal pickup
  • Vintage Classic Sansui AU-555A amplifier - working order and very good condition

    In design, appearance and performance, the amplifier draws heavily on the careful engineering that has made Sansui's larger AU amplifiers, favourites among stereo enthusiasts throughout the world. Channel separation: 45dB (MM), 50dB (line).
    AU $121.50
    12 bidsEnding Tuesday at 20:37 AEST1d 9hLocal pickup
  • HMV His Masters Voice A-500 vintage integrated amplifier (rare)

    Here is a rare HMV (His Masters Voice) A-500 integrated amplifier from the mid-late 70's, l can find little information on this uncommon model but l would estimate 35-40 wpc into 8 ohms, it is made in Japan.
    AU $99.00
    0 bidsEnding 31 Jul at 19:30 AEST8d 8h
  • Onkyo TX8220 Stereo Receiver with DAB+ Radio & A/B speakers - 3 year warranty

    Bring a huge variety of programming to your listening space, from news and sport to music and talk radio. All the essentials are covered with digital audio inputs for TV and BD/DVD player connection, along with four analog line-level inputs for CD player and everything else.
    AU $548.00
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  • Oppo HA-2SE Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC

    Only bought it to compare it to the Chord Mojo. The Chord Mojo is more suitable for me. If I was an iPhone user I would have kept this. No more than 3 hours use, probably less than 2 hours of usage. There is a very minor dent on the lower corner as can be seen in the photo of the bottom and it's not really noticeable.
    AU $202.50
    4 bids
    Free postage
    Ending 31 Jul at 15:12 AEST8d 3h
  • Vintage Classic Yamaha CA700 amplifier, full working order, excellent condition

    Channel separation: 50dB (MM), 50dB (line). Input sensitivity: 4mV (mic), 3mV (MM), 200mV (line). Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz. Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Has working pre in and main out jacks.
    AU $149.50
    15 bidsEnding Tuesday at 19:37 AEST1d 8hLocal pickup
  • Sansui AU-417 vintage integrated amplifier (recapped)

    Here is a Sansui AU-417 from 1979, 65 wpc into 8 ohms. Bias and DC offset set to factory specifications. Has two phono inputs for your turntable/s. Has four line level inputs, any of these can be used to connect an ipod, tablet, phone, cd player etc.
    AU $222.50
    13 bidsEnding Wednesday at 21:20 AEST2d 10h
  • fisonic valve amplifier 200w combo guitar amp

    fisonic special edition combo guitar amp ,full valve preamps , two separate inputs for lead and rhythm original fisonic valve circuit , 1 year old , inbuilt 15 inch black widow speaker , output is FET power amp (which behaves like a valve output . this unit was specially built by fisonic with all the improvements over the years , it has a VOX emulator switch . the power of this amp will cover any size gigs and it is a real grunter. grey carpet cabinet finish with leanback bars  and castors  . one channel is very similar to fender tone.NOTE because ou its weight it is a pickup only and its situated in the PORT Macquarie are. it was constructed for a lot of power in a small unit. the speake on its own is 350 dollars . the lead channel has overdrive as well.
    AU $300.00
    0 bidsEnding Thursday at 19:00 AEST3d 7hLocal pickup
  • Cambridge Audio Azur 340R Audiophile AV Receiver

    A really great sounding slimline AV Receiver. Fully working in beautiful condition. 2x HDMI video switching using optical, coaxial or analogue for audio. Audio quality, as can be expected from a Cambridge Audio component is well above average and quite a lot of power for its size, can be located in most tv units with a bit of ventilation.
    AU $299.00
    or Best Offer
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  • Luxman M-03 power amplifier 200wpc

    This is the top of the line Luxman SS power amplifier or the era - the M-03 200wpc monster. Never missed a beat in the ten years I have owned it and has powered everything from tiny LS3/5A's to Duntech Soverigns!
    AU $1,550.00
    AU $65.00 postage
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  • Rotel RA-02 Audiophile integrated Amplifier

    AU $299.00
    or Best Offer
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  • New listing Marantz PM 300 fully restored and upgraded

    Recently fully recapped with quality audio grade components throughout new meter lamps. All switches and controls cleaned and lubricated. Heatsink compound replaced. Perfect working order and sounds great. This is a great classic marantz amplifier fully restored and ready for another 40 years of great music. It has a really great phono stage for vinyl and also great for driving any set of speakers or headphones. Cosmetically it is in quite good condition but does have a couple of marks on the handles and the controls, please check the pictures. Ask any questions before bidding.
    AU $379.00
    0 bidsEnding 29 Jul at 20:11 AEST6d 8h
  • Sonance Sonamp 260 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    Sonance Sonamp 260 2-Channel Power Amplifier in good working order. Would be perfect for driving Atmos/DTS X speakers in a theatre or for multiroom audio. Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo).
    AU $179.00
  • Nobsound Bluetooth Tube Amplifier HiFi Power Amp Stereo Headphone USB Music Play

    Nobsound®——Dou​k Audio. Nobsound®——Douk Audio. Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybrid Tube Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth / USB / Headphone. HiFi Art-Elfidelity. Headphone Amplifier. Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier. Integrated Amplifier.
    AU $229.99
    AU $39.00 postage
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  • Emotiva XPA1 Gen2 Class A/AB Monoblock

    Emotiva XPA1 Gen2 Reference Mono Block. The power output to 600W into 8 ohms in Class AB mode. Emotiva 5-year transferrable warranty. Differential Reference Class A/AB Monoblock Power Amplifier. Topology: fully balanced, fully discrete, quad differential, ultra high current, short signal path selectable Class A/AB.
    AU $2,395.00
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  • Arcam Alpha 5 serviced and Upgraded Audiophile amplifier

    This Arcam Alpha 5 is a beautiful sounding amplifier. If you are looking for that classic British sound here is a great way to enter at a great price. Power consumption: 320VA max. Headphones maximum output level: 1OV into 600 ohms.
    AU $349.00
    or Best Offer
  • Manley Stingray II Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    "The famous Manley Stingray stereo integrated amplifier has been renewed and refreshed. A toggle switch selects whether the Tape LOOP (and whatever is plugged into the Tape Loop) is active or the signal goes straight through the Stingray as normal.
    AU $4,499.00
    or Best Offer
  • Cary Audio Rocket 88 Amplifier (used)

    They have been specifically designed by Cary Audio for use in the Rocket 88 R. We have taken the approach in the output. a very important part in the ability of the Rocket 88 R to recover quickly when overloaded.
    AU $3,500.00
    AU $100.00 postage
    or Best Offer
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  • Class AB MOSFET L7 Audio power amplifier boards KIT DUAL-CHANNEL 300-350W X2 LJM

    L7 2-channe MOSFET audio amplifier board kit, designed by LJM. Use floating MOSFET driver, designed by LJM. 350W 2R DC -45V. amplifier boards kit x 1(include 2 boards and all the components on the picture.).
    AU $37.99
    From China
    Free postage
    94 sold
  • Prima Luna Prologue Classic Integrated Amplifier

    Outputs: 4 & 8 Ohm. Inputs: 4 pairs RCA. 35W x 2 (EL34). Point to point wiring.
    AU $2,775.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Parasound New Classic 2250 THX Power Amp

    Parasound New Classic 2250 Power Amp in excellent condition. NOT a hum or buzz through the speakers, that is dead quiet. You can hear it when your ear is right next to the amp, as in you need to put your ear right on top of the amp to hear the hum.
    AU $1,500.00
    or Best Offer
  • Melody Valve Tube Amplifier Action RRP

    Vacuum Tube: EL34 X2, 6JT8 X2. Power Output: 11W 11W Class AB. AC Power: 240 V, 50 Hz. Input Impedance: 100 K Ohm. S/N: > 85 db T.H.D.: 1%.
    AU $1,399.00
    or Best Offer

    Like many other quality amplifiers of this age it is underrated at 35 watts and is quite capable of a bit over 70 watts with normal music signal. A very dynamic sounding amp with plenty of warmth and capable of driving difficult speakers with ease.
    AU $349.00
    or Best Offer
  • Yamaha A-S201 Hi Fi Amplifier - Black - RRP $499.00 - HURRY LAST 6 UNITS!

    A Hi-Fi Amplifier for enjoying excellent sound. High-quality sound and sophisticated design based on Yamaha’s rich experience in Hi-Fi. Personal Grooming. Simple and sophisticated design. Heating & Cooling.
    AU $397.00
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    31 sold
  • Rotel RA400 Professionally Recapped and serviced

    Great power and sound quality, highly underrated.
    AU $249.00
    or Best Offer
  • Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Pre-Amplifier

    Weight: 24kgs. Power Consumption: 61W. Frequency Response: 10Hz - 95KHz. Gain: 10dB. Outputs Impedance: 256 Ohms. Outputs: 2 x RCA 1 pair RCA Fixed Tape. Input Impedance: 100k Ohms.
    AU $3,999.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
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  • Technics SU 7600 Restored and recapped - upgraded ***Discounted***

    Electronically in perfect condition.
    AU $699.00
    or Best Offer
  • Amplifier

    Silver Network Hi Fi receiver. Radio AirPlay App Control MC Musiccast expands entertainment possibility 5.6MHz DSD native and AIFF 192kHz/24bit reproduction with performance 24-bit D/A converter. MusicCast CONTROLLER lets you operate from your smartphone or tablet. Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth or AirPlay. USB digital connection for iPod, iPhone,and USB devices. Pure direct mode for greater sound purity. Digital audio input for TV or Blu-Ray player. Available in Black and Silver.
    AU $769.00
  • Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP Power Amplifier

    A Prima Luna exclusive AC Offset Killer. Point to point wiring Swiss made Wire. Bad tube indicator. Stereo or Monoblock operation. EL34 Tubes.
    AU $5,495.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Power Amplifier

    Point to point wiring. Bad Tube Indicator. Ultra-Linear: 35W x 2 (EL34). Super quiet line inputs. Adaptive AutoBias.
    AU $3,199.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Philips F4238 super class-AB power amplifier 2x100watts RMS 2x input & 2x Output

    It's a power house with massive750watts power consumption. ►This power can connect 2 pair of speaker and it accept 2x inputs. It's hard to see in power amplifier! do not miss out! Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo).
    AU $320.00
    Local pickup
  • Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier

    A Prima Luna exclusive AC Offset Killer. Outputs: 4 & 8 Ohm. Inputs: 5 pairs RCA 1 pair HT Bypass. Triode: 20W x 2 (EL34). Ultra-Linear: 36W x 2 (EL34). Super quiet line inputs. Point to point wiring Swiss made Wire.
    AU $4,595.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Prima Luna Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier

    Output Stereo : 4 & 8 ohms. Inputs: 4 pairs RCA 1 pair HT Bypass. Ultra-Linear: 35W x 2 (EL34). Super quiet line inputs. Bad Tube Indicator.
    AU $3,495.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Sherwood RX-5502 4x Zones Stereo Integrated Power Amplifier A+B No Remote I Post

    Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier. Works great, this is stereo output amplifier with four sets of speaker outputs (8 speakers). Has A or B, or A B stereo output, then also C or D or C D out, therefore 4 separate speaker outputs, has seperate selector switches which are handy for seperate zones, eg indoors front back or outdoors etc.
    AU $140.00
  • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

    ThePrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Amp is a very efficient 36Watt tube amp. High Power Integrated Amplifier with EL34 tube and built-in headphone amp. 2 x 70 watt power amplifier. Tube-plate fuse, for output protection.
    AU $6,285.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Power Amplifier

    Point to point wiring Swiss made Wire. Adaptive Autobias. A Prima Luna exclusive AC Offset Killer. EL34 Tubes.
    AU $4,455.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Prima Luna Prologue Premium Power Amplifier

    Point to point wiring. Bad Tube Indicator. Ultra-Linear: 35W x 2 (EL34). Super quiet line inputs. Adaptive AutoBias.
    AU $3,295.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Oppo HA-2SE Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC

    The HA-2SE features patented VOOC rapid charging technology from OPPO. The DAC is one of the most important components for digital audio playback. Besides being uber famous for its ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC powered sound quality and strikingly good looks, the HA-2SE also gets top marks for its ultimate versatility.
    AU $482.00
    AU $10.00 postage
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  • Generic K5154 Ultra LD Mk.3 Class AB Audio Amplifier Kit - 135W

    Ultra LD Mk.3 135W Class AB Audio Amplifier Kit. It produces 135W into 8 or 200W into 4 with distortion levels around 0.006%. Power : 135W RMS into 8 O. An improved version of the K 5151 Mk. 2 edition.
    AU $111.70
    Free postage
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  • Pioneer A-10-K 2CH Audio Stereo Amplifier AMP Phono/Network/TUNER/CD/AUX A+B

    Phono MM input. Analogue Audio Input (PHONO (MM), TUNER, SACD/CD, AUX, NETWORK, RECORDER). A range of tactile buttons finetune Loudness, Direct Mode and Speaker A/B. AUDIO FEATURES. Audio Output (RECORDER, PHONES).
    AU $390.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • T.A.C.34 Dream Tube Amplifier Chrome EL 34 2 x 40 W Tube Amplifier Tac

    A treat for eyes and ears! T.A.C 34 DREAM. Nominal power 2 x 40 Watt (4-8 ohms). Modell T.A.C. 34 Dream. Tube 4 x EL34, 2 x 6è2, 4 x 6N3. RMS-Leistung 80 W. Anzahl der L/R RCA-Eingänge 2. S/N ratio > 95dB.
    AU $1,677.29
    From Germany
    Free postage
  • 220V 400W Bluetooth Hi-Fi Class-AB Stereo CSR Super Bass Power Amplifier AUX

    Load impendence:4 to 8 hms. 1 x Amplifier. -Bluetooth function. Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz( /-10dB). Power: 220V-240V 50Hz-60Hz. -5 channel high power. - Support FM radio play. -With card.
    AU $116.89
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Digitech Audio AC-1646 4 Way Audio Visual Stereo Distribution Amplifier boxed

    Designed to split a stereo A/V signal across 4 channels without loss of image or sound quality. 12VDC operated. SPLIT A STEREO A/V SIGNAL ACROSS 4 CHANNELS. Access audio and video from a central source.
    AU $54.00
    Free postage
  • Pyle PLMPA35 300-Watt 2-Channel Mini Class AB Amp with 3.5mm Stereo Input

    2 Channel IC Mini Amplifier with 3.5mm Input Plug. This 300 W mini-amplifier is a powerful solution for your trade show display. It easily allows you to pipe music to two speakers using a 3.5mm jack input -- so you can hook it up to your iPod, laptop, or any other digital music player.
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