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AEG Power Tools

Do you have a handyman around the home or have a few odd jobs you would like to be able to complete but need the right tools? AEG offers a range of power tools from saws and sanders to impact drivers and hammer drills so you can get the job done. For professionals and home DIYers, the range of AEG power tools are user friendly and affordable.

AEG Power Drills

AEG power drills are extremely handy to have around the home. Never get stuck assembling furniture flat packs or hanging hooks and other odd jobs around the home with an old screwdriver. Get it done in half the time and with half the effort with an AEG power drill.

AEG Power Saw

A power saw is particularly helpful and much easier to use than traditional handheld saws. Save yourself from the frustration of your handheld saw going blunt and not cutting through smoothly, possibly even getting stuck in the wood grain. An AEG power saw will glide smoothly and effortlessly through all timber and wood for jobs big and small.


Do-it-yourself has gained popularity with the introduction of television shows and magazines that reveal how a simple understanding and the right tools can give you the professional finish with half the price tag. Knowing that you have been able to complete a project yourself will give you a sense of achievement and you are sure to appreciate the results of your DIY projects. Give it a try and be surprised with how easy power tools make it for everyone to get professional results.

Rechargeable AEG Power Tools

Power tools are made even easier and safer to use when you don't have to worry about extension cords. AEG power tools have rechargeable batteries that are interchangeable and will work with every AEG power tool in the range. Simply place the batteries on charge, then swap, attach, and go as you move through your projects with ease.