Sherrin AFL Gameball

Immerse yourself in the action with an Official Sherrin AFL Gameball. With vibrant colours and eye-catching graphics, the experience of holding and tossing this ball around may feel like standing right in the thick of a game. With solid construction and quality materials, attention to detail is what makes it stand out from the competition.


Just like the gameballs that the professionals use on game days in the Australian Football League, the shape on the ends of the ball is rounded and not pointed. The short circumference around the centre of the ball is 54 centimeters, and the long circumference is 72 centimeters. Six lace rings run along one ridge.


Each gameday replica has the official red or alternate yellow colours of the AFL gameball. Also prominent on the surface are the Sherrin Logo and the AFL logo. Extra graphics that indicate the size and intended use are under the logos.


The Sherrin gameball lineup comes in a variety of materials for a number of uses. For the authentic feel of being on an AFL gameday field, opt for an Australian-made leather ball. For a gameball look at a more affordable price, go for the PVC material option. Both the leather and PVC options are for grass uses only. If durability is the primary need, the synthetic rubber ball is a good choice for use on any surface.


Collecting specific team brand Sherrin gameballs along with a host of other gameballs are mere clicks away. For fans or friends of fans of the Australian Football League as a whole, shop for some other options that go beyond collecting gameballs. You can collect Australian football clothing so you can dress the part, as well as Australian foobtall training aids, special tools to help the aspiring football player up their game.