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AFL Guernsey Clothing

AFL Guernsey Clothing

Looking for apparel for your AFL team? There is a wide range of AFL Guernsey clothing such as AFL jumpers, AFL shirts and AFL jerseys are personalized for your team. Typical guernseys clothing come with a number, logos and in a wide array of colours. You can purchase these together with other AFL gear and AFL merchandise such as balls.

What are the Available AFL Guernsey Designs?

AFL Guernseys come in different designs depending on the teams preference.

  • They are typically sleeveless but long sleeves are also available. Some have rounded necks while others come in v-shaped necks.
  • For the cold season, there are also guernsey hoodies available.
  • AFL Guernseys feature the different football teams logos, the AFL logo and for some, the sponsors logo.

What are AFL Guernsey Clothing Made From?

AFL Guernsey clothing are commonly made from 100 percent polyester. Great properties of polyester include:

  • Polyester is a tough material that is resistant to abrasion. It, therefore, does not tear or wear easily
  • It has moisture wicking properties perfect for a game out in the sun as it is able to draw sweat away from the body
  • It dries very quickly
  • Polyester is also resistant to shrinking or creasing
  • It is lightweight making it easy to play freely

What AFL Guernsey Clothing Sizes are Available?

AFL guernsey clothing are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit everyone from the small toddler to the adult. Most of them come in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes. Some are available in sizes going all the way up to 7XL. During the purchase, locate your teams Guernsey then get the chest and length measurements as follows:

  • Chest measurement. This is measured immediately under the arms and across the chest. Multiply what you get by two and you have the chest circumference.
  • Length measurement. This is taken from the at the back starting from the center of the neckline to the bottom of the clothing.
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