AFL Guernsey Clothing

Show your colours with AFL guernseys

Want to head out to the footy wearing your team's guernsey to show your pride and passion? Look no further. All the best AFL guernseys are right here in one easy place.

All teams covered

It doesn't matter who you support - eBay has listings for all AFL teams. If you want to show your pride with an authentic team guernsey, you'll find it right here. Plus, you can get every size imaginable, so you never have to sacrifice comfort to support your team. From the Adelaide Crows to the Western Bulldogs and everything in between, they're all right here on eBay. There is also plenty of other memorabilia for every team, so start shopping today.

Different varieties to choose from

Many years ago, you'd look around the crowd at a footy game and only see two types of jumpers worn by supporters. One for each team. Now, AFL teams wear several different variations of their main guernsey, and most of them are sold to the public too. If you prefer the guernsey your team wears for away games, you'll find it here. Some teams wear different guernseys just for pre-season matches, and others even sell training guernseys which are different again. Don't limit yourself. There are several versions available on eBay.

Limited edition guernseys

Every year, there are several limited edition guernseys AFL fans love. Whether it's the guernseys to support Indigenous rounds, heritage jumpers, or a selection of away/clash jumpers, you certainly don't have to stick to the plain old footy guernsey anymore. The great thing about eBay is you can even find deleted stock that's hard to find in other stores. As there are new AFL guernsey designs every year, many of them tend to get lost to history. But if you're a collector, there's no better place to find that rare and collectible merchandise than eBay.