Rugby Union Protective Gear

A full-contact sport that can sometimes result in unintended injuries, rugby union is a lot of fun. However, before you head onto the field, it's wise to suit up in rugby union protective gear to avoid bodily harm. Take precautions to protect your head, chest, and mouth from flying balls and body slams, and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're secure and safe behind an extra layer of padded protection.

Boot Camp

As with most all sports, rugby union requires specific footwear. Rugby boots have cleats on the bottom to ensure proper traction on the field. Solidly constructed and built for heavy-duty wear, the boots also come in neon colours so you'll stay visible as you play, even if it's a nighttime match. Built to protect your ankles, toes, and feet, the boots are an integral part of your uniform.

Keep Your Shirt On

They look like rugby union shirts, but really they are lightweight pads designed to wear under your uniform jersey. A lightweight shirt fitted with pads on the shoulders, arms, chest, and sides, these tops come in multiple sizes. Placed purposefully, thick padding keeps your most vulnerable areas safe, while the breathable fabric keeps your body cool and comfortable. An anti-slip waist means that your padding isn't rising up, and you can purchase colours to match your rugby union shorts.

Keep Your Head in the Game

A knock to the head is a serious situation, so avoid the danger when you slip on headgear. Lightweight but padded headgear offers a secure, adjustable closure under the chin and open ear portions. The headgear comes in different sizes, including children's options, for a perfect fit. Available in different colours and styles, wearing headgear is a no-brainer when it comes to full-contact sports. Choose gear to match your team colours or opt for fun contrasting shades or logo-covered options.

Mouthing Off

Cracked teeth are not only painful, but they're unflattering, so popping in a mouthguard before your next rugby match prevents any dental discomfort. Keep your jaw and mouth safe from injury with an easy-to-use slip-in mouthguard that fits kids or adults. The shock-resistant guards minimise effects on your mouth even when you're hit, and guards feel comfortable to wear all day long.