Australian Football Clothing

There is no better way to show support for your favourite team than by wearing Australian football clothing with your team name and colours. If you go to games regularly or just get together with mates at home to watch the match, wearing your team's jersey or other items of clothing gives you a nice loyal connection as a supporter. The range of Australian football merchandise is huge with many different styles of shirts, jerseys, hats, scarves, track pants, jerseys and jackets on offer.

Football Jerseys

Perhaps the most common supporter gear item is football jerseys. Every year, each team releases a jersey that is similar to the one the team wears on the field so that the public can purchase. You can also find many vintage jerseys available from years gone by, new or used, which still stand out with your team's colours.

T-Shirts and Polos

If jerseys are not quite your thing, you can always find great t-shirts and polos for your team. T-shirts and polos go with you on match day, or you can also wear them on any other day to show your team support, as they look great with shorts or jeans.


All Australian football teams have branded hats available. For the summer months you may like to wear a cap with your team's logo on it, and for winter you can go for a beanie that will keep your head nice and warm on those cold match days.

Other Clothing Items

There are many other Australian football clothing items that you may be interested in. Keep warm in the cooler months with a branded scarf, or you may like to cover up with a hoodie or jacket. Socks and shorts will definitely come in use too. There is a range of clothing for children with gear similar to adults but in smaller sizes. Your toddler will look cute in a branded jumpsuit or polar fleece jumpsuit.