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AKG Headphones

AKG headphones are awesome for studio based professionals such as singers and musicians. Shop a wide range of wired and wireless AKG headphones and earphones at an affordable price, right here on eBay. Whether you want bulky, over-ear headphones or lightweight and discrete earphones, AKG has got a set for you.

Certain AKG headphones are designed to be coupled with specific brands and are often released with Samsung devices.

Closed Back

Clear your throat and get down to the recording studio. These headphones provide the perfect balance between, durability, sound quality and comfort. Closed back headphones help to block out external noises and are usually used by professionals.


Going On your travels and trying to block out those annoying bus and car noises? Awesome for kicking back and chilling to some music or audiobooks, AKG headphones are ergonomically designed to remain as comfortable as possible for long periods.Models include wired/ wireless AKG K712 Pro Reference Studio Headphones and AKG Y20u Ultra Comfortable In-ear Stereo Lightweight Headphones.

Open Back

Isolate yourself from the outside world, kick-back and doze off. A great option for a Christmas or Birthday gift, too! Models include; AKG K 701 Open-Back Reference Class Stereo Headphones K701 and AKG K 702 Reference-Quality Open-Back Circumpolar Headphones K702 with quality audio to let the sound go freely all for a reasonable price.


Use your headphones as a microphone, yes, that's right, a microphone! Record anything you like, from voice memos to potential hit tunes. Or of course, you can use them as part of a handsfree kit for phone calls or for online gaming. This addition adds an element of practicality and convenience.

Noise Cancel

Some headphones are noise-cancelling, meaning your favourite tracks will not be rudely interrupted or drowned out by external noise. Cushioned, over-ear noise-cancelling headphones will be so comfortable and provide such crisp sound that you'll feel like you're in your own little bubble.