AP Racing Brake Callipers Will Have You At The Top

If you are an adrenaline junkie and racing fuel pumps through your veins, then you have more than likely heard of, or are already using AP racing brakes and clutches. AP racing began in 1920 and over the years has become a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems, predominantly in race cars, and more recently top of the line road cars. eBay has a large supply of AP racing products. You will find front callipers, and brake kits, as well as brake fluid, and brake pads. 

AP racing brake callipers tips for shopping online

AP Racing brake callipers are the result of years of experience in professional motorsports. The AP Racing line includes high-performance callipers for single-seaters, GT cars, Touring and Rally cars. The company uses high-quality cast materials and tests its products on its Dynamometer before releasing them to the public. You can choose from a variety of styles, including leading or trailing callipers.

  • AP Racing’s asymmetrical callipers are incredibly lightweight, stiff, and durable under any conditions. The AP Racing Radi-CALs feature a hard anodising finish, which reduces the risk of oxidation and deformation on the surface. The process includes running an electrical current through an acid bath to create a protective layer of aluminium oxide. This layer helps the calliper resist further degradation and provides better-stopping power.
  • AP Racing brake callipers are lightweight, which is a significant benefit for racers. They can be used with any wheel, including the R1 and RS-X. AP’s CP9668 callipers offer the most features and are affordable. 
  • AP Racing’s pistons are designed to give a smooth pedal feel. The company’s pistons are domed on the back to add stiffness and durability. Unlike OEM discs, AP discs are more resistant to wear and cracking. You can’t go wrong with a quality set of AP brake callipers.

Before you start shopping for your AP racing brake or clutches, use the blue ‘enter vehicle info’ button at the top of the listings page to narrow your search to items that will suit your vehicle and save you some shopping time. If you are an eBay Plus member, shop with eBay Plus trusted sellers, and receive exclusive year-round savings, as well as free express delivery, and free returns. Not a member, then trial it for free today.