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An excellent athletic shoe for improved sports performance

Arunning shoe brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike, ASICS is ideal for professional sporting events or an everyday run around a park.

Providing comfort, support and a superior ride, ASICS is truly the runner’s choice.

Having been in the market since 1949, ASICS is not only designed to provide comfort and style but also the best foot support to every runner. Made with materials that let your feet breathe and relax, these shoes are made from materials that are tested to bring comfort to your feet regardless of the type of activity you’re doing.

Select ASICS gel Kayano for the best foot support

Whether your runs always end with cramped arches or you simply want to ensure that your feet are properly supported throughout a workout, it’s time to start considering a running shoe with arch support.

ASICS gel Kayano provides just that with a gel sole unit that helps your heel carry your body’s weight in comfort.

While built-in arch support may feel like an unnecessary or bulky addition to your running shoes, it’s actually a critical feature that addresses common runner issues like plantar fasciitis, heel spur, ankle sprains and flat feet.

The extra arch support can help give your feet the consistent support they need for everyday comfort! ASICS gel Kayano shoes for men are also available in different colours and sizes.

What do you need to know before you choose running or walking shoes?

If you’re a regular walker or runner, you need shoes that gives your feet support as well as comfort. Without support, you are more likely to put constant stress on your feet, which can result in recurring pain or injury.

Always make sure your shoes fit your feet. Shoes that are loose aren’t ideal for exercising, as your feet are more prone to the risk of injury.