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If you’re an overpronator on the hunt for supportive running shoes, the ASICS Gel-Kayano may be your ideal fit. Marketed as a leading stability shoe, the Gel-Kayano combines a superior build with great performance, especially if you suffer with overpronation (the tendency to roll your arches inwards or downwards).

The history

The shoes were originally created in 1993 by ASICS designer, Toshikazu Kayano. He modelled the shoes on the humble stag beetle after he noticed how its hard outer shell protected it, but didn’t stop it from being nimble and quick. Toshikazu then set about building the Kayano, utilising the signature Gel technology throughout the shoe, which in its modern day form, offers you excellent impact absorption at point of contact.

Why it’s so great for over pronators

If you suffer with overpronation, you need support, cushioning and stability. The Gel-Kayano ticks all three boxes. The firm midsole uses FLYTEFOAM Propel technology for optimum cushioning, while the gel layer at the rear and front offer added support. The shoes also use the Asics Guidance Trusstic system to actively prevent you over pronating, encouraging your foot to adopt a more natural gait from strike to push-off.

Durable and breathable

Another key feature of the Gel-Kayano is its breathability. The upper possesses plenty of perforations, drawing air in and out as you run, and allowing your feet to breathe. It also has an orthotic sock liner which wicks moisture, keeping your feet dry and cool.

A further Gel-Kayano highlight is its durability. The outer sole is made from a material specifically designed by ASICS to withstand wear and tear. Your Kayanos will handle many outdoors surfaces, be it grass, dirt, cement or asphalt, and for long periods. In fact, you’re likely to get of years of tread from the one pair.

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