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No matter what your pace is, whether you are walking, jogging, or running, you need the right pair of leather shoes.

The undisputed leading brand of running shoes for both professional athletes and enthusiasts alike, ASICS is unmatched for the technical superiority as well as their rigorous quality, with lightweight shoes designed specifically to optimize every single kilometre you push the pace.

ASICS is consistently the top choice for a wide range of athletes, providing comfort, support, and a superior ride, providing leather shoes for every sport imaginable, from your everyday run around the block to professional games, whether they're Olympic or Commonwealth.

Choose the fit that's right for you from a variety of shoe styles, materials, and features. Get noticed when you run with ASICS shoes in cool colour combos, bright neon, or subtle hues. From the ASICS breakthrough GEL range to the most recent GT shoe styles, eBay has an impressive range of athletic shoes available for men.

ASICS has been making shoes in Japan for close to 70 years, after Kihachiro Onitsuka began made his basketball shoes in his living room, before eventually expanding to running shoes. An acronym of the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” which translates to "A Healthy Mind or Soul In A Healthy Body”, ASICS has since grown into one of the biggest and best running shoe companies on the planet.

By producing a wide variety of footwear and clothing, ASICS strives to promote health and fitness around the world, while supporting the improvement of their overall wellbeing. ASICS has also gone on to further the development of their shoes beyond the running arena with the addition of their range of rugby and football boots. These new shoes incorporate new advancements in injury prevention technologies, which is a much needed first for sports like these which can be really tough on feet.

From the iconic Kayano to the extremely popular GEL Nimbus, performance and comfort are the top priorities with ASICS's huge range of men's shoes. So, you can find the perfect shoe for you, no matter what your sport is or what pronation style you have.

What Is Pronation?

How much your foot rolls during natural foot movement when you're running is called pronation. When the foot rolls from outside the heel quite a lot to the ball of the foot's inner edge, it is called over-pronation, which puts a great deal of stress on the knee and the first two toes. Alternatively, when the foot only rolls a small amount from the heel's outer edge to the centre of the ball of the foot it is known as neutral pronation, which causes the least amount of stress on the joints. Under-pronation, which is otherwise known as supinating, is when the foot doesn't roll quite enough, so that your body weight stays almost completely on the outer side of the foot.

If you are unsure what style of pronation you have, it is quite easy to work out simply by looking at how your last pair of shoes are worn. Working out if they are more worn out towards the front, or if there is more wear towards the back, will ultimately give you a pretty accurate idea of the natural movement of your foot.

ASICS Running Shoes

With a range of premium running shoes for long-distance marathons, trails, tracks, and casual running shoes, ASICS runners have been created for all pronation styles. Designed using lightweight cushioning and the latest in running shoe technology which combine to provide the support for you to focus solely on your running performance. ASICS have a genuinely diverse line of shoes engineered specifically for running with support for the way you move, so you will be able to run farther with Flytefoam Propulsion for speed or GEL Technology for distance.

GEL Technology

One of the most well-known footwear innovations ever invented, GEL Technology was first released by ASICS back in 1986 and consists of a type of liquid gel solution which has been injected into the shoe's midsole which creates a smoother ride by greatly assisting with the absorption of impact forces.

GT Shoes

The GT collection is one of the most well-known ASICS running shoes which have been designed for people with both over-pronation and neutral pronation styles of running. Featuring gel cushions and springy foam soles, it supports your whole foot while minimising shock impacts to achieve a lasting running stride that is entirely comfortable.

ASICS GT series is available in a wide range of colours, although the range for men does tend to centre around the classics of black, white, and navy, with maybe sometimes a bolder splash of red. The GT range is available in sizes from 7 to 17, as well as different widths from D to 4E for men.


The new Glideride shoes have been designed by ASICS to help you conserve energy over the long run, as it literally propels you forward. This innovative new technology gives runners of all styles a more efficient stride with a shock-absorbent landing.

Guidesole Technology

With an innovative rocker sole design, Guidesole has a uniquely curved sole for a shock-absorbing landing zone, which translates to more kilometres run. This technology means runners are going to feel less much fatigued over time hitting the bitumen, which provides a sensation of an endless and easy ride.

ASICS Gym Wear

The footwear, apparel, and other accessories are designed by ASICS to support your style as well as your fitness. ASICS gym trainers provide support for dynamic movement, while gym clothing has been designed for maximum cooling, flexibility, and style, so you can really take your workouts up to the next level.

Even though ASICS might typically be known for running shoes, it's important you use the proper training shoe when working out in the gym. Each of their training shoes have been built differently with the right traction and support required for more lateral types of movement often performed while working out. No matter what type of workout you do, it is really important you always wear the right type of shoes in the gym.

In addition to breakthrough range of athletic shoes for men and women, ASICS has you more than covered with training clothes and other accessories available on eBay.

ASICS Afterpay

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